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social sciences; humanities

  1. Mozijdan sado

  2. Novaia literatura o Kazakhstane new!

  3. Obshchestvennye nauki RZh - Kogamdykh gylymdar new!

  4. Obshchestvennye nauki i sovremennost

  5. Obshchestvennye nauki v Uzbekistane

  6. Patmabanasirakan andes / Istoriko-filologitcheskij zhurnal

  7. Psikhologiia i sotsionika mezhlitchnostnykh otnoshenij

  8. Psikhologiia. Zhurnal Vysshej shkoly ekonomiki

  9. Regionologiia

  10. Revista de filozofie, sociologie si stiinte politice (formerly - "Revista de filosofie si drept") (Romanian and Russian)

  11. Revista de linguistica si stiinta literara (Romanian and Russian)

  12. Rossijskaia istoriia (formerly - "Otetchestvennaia istoriia")

  13. Russkaia retch

  14. Sibirskij filologitcheskij zhurnal

  15. Slavianovedenie

  16. Social Evolution & History (Studies in the Evolution of Human Societies)(English)

  17. Social Sciences (English)

  18. Sotsialno-gumanitarnye znaniia

  19. Sotsiologiia: teoriia, metody, marketing (Russian)

  20. Sotsiologiia: teoriia, metody, marketing (Ukrainian)

  21. Sotsionika, mentologiia i psikhologiia litchnosti

  22. Sotsionika, psikhologiia i mezhlitchnostnye otnosheniia: tchelovek, kollektiv, obshchestvo

  23. Soznanie i fizitcheskaia realnost

  24. Tafakkur

  25. Ukrainoznavstvo