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A.B.E. Marketing is an official partner of MK - Periodica in the United States. To order any periodical please contact us at, tel.: 818 609 9607, fax: 818 705 2754; 7433 Claire Ave, Reseda, CA 91 335, USA.

We will be happy to help you locate any title -- so please do not hesitate to contact us even if the journal you are looking for is not listed in our catalogue.


  1. Nash dom - Kishinev

  2. Natura

  3. Nezavisimaia Moldova (daily)

  4. Nezavisimaia Moldova (weekly)

  5. Noi

  6. Novaia gazeta

  7. Novoe v tekhnologii proizvodstva vin, krepkikh i bezalkogolnykh napitkov / Tehnologii noi de producere a vinulor, bauturilor tari si nealcoholice (Romanian and Russian)

  8. Oastea Moldovei

  9. Odoras

  10. Okhotnik i rybolov Moldovy

  11. Omnibus / Sad. Ogorod. Podvore (Russian)

  12. Politica sociala, protectia sociala (Romanian and Russian)

  13. Pridnestrove

  14. Problemele de reformare a CAI. Asigurarea securitatii alimentare (Romanian and Russian)

  15. Producerea productiei agrikole in gospodarile de fermieri si individuale (Romanian and Russian)

  16. Profsoiuznye vesti

  17. Protectia mediului. Utilizarea deseurilor (Romanian and Russian)

  18. Puls (Russian)

  19. Revista de filozofie, sociologie si stiinte politice (formerly - "Revista de filosofie si drept") (Romanian and Russian)

  20. Revista de istorie a Moldovei (Romanian and Russian)

  21. Revista de linguistica si stiinta literara (Romanian and Russian)

  22. Revista nationala de drept (Romanian)

  23. Rostok new!

  24. Russkoe slovo

  25. Sanatate (Russian and Romanian) new!

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